CIT (Counselors in Training)

PLEASE REFER TO THE MAIN CAMP PAGE FOR UPDATES. CIT PROGRAM is canceled this summer, check back next summer for this opportunity. 

New for the summer of 2020, we have the opportunity for 13 - 14 years old to become Counselors in Training (CITs) this summer during our Adventures Express Summer Camp at Cherokee County Parks and Recreation. Our CIT program is for kids who are in the transition years between being a camper and becoming an employee. Our Counselor in Training program focuses on developing strong leaders through discussion, observation and supervised child interaction.  

CIT Program Information:
The CIT program offers kids an introduction into the work environment of a Camp Counselor while affording them the opportunity to also be part of the camp activities. They will learn skills that will benefit them as they apply for Summer Camp Counselor positions in the future. CITs learn the value of teamwork, community service and decision making through activities and mentoring. The most important part of the CIT program is the hands-on experience they will have working with campers, while being guided by the CIT Coordinator. The CITs have job responsibilities in the morning and spend their afternoons participating in camp activities. A commitment to positive youth development and learning what it takes to be an effective camp counselor must be made apparent in the application/interview process.

CITs receive a reduction in camp tuition of $30 per week. All CITs must complete a training session given by the Recreation Coordinator prior to their time at camp. The orientation lasts approximately one hour. 

Acceptance into the program will be based on your completed application, letters of recommendation and your interview. 

• Must 13 or 14 years old during the summer of 2020 

• Candidates are required to fill out a CIT application. Once the application is received, and they have the qualifications for the program, an interview will be scheduled. Deadline to turn applications in by is April 24th, 2020. 

• Provide 2 letters of recommendation from someone other than a family member  Questions about the CIT program? Email Lauren Voss at