The mission of the Cherokee Recreation and Parks Agency’s (CRPA) Volunteer Program is to actively promote a mutually rewarding relationship between volunteers who offer their talents, skills and time and CRPA staff who will support them in their efforts to cooperatively foster a lasting impression on those served while building our programs and their reputation of quality.

Definition of Volunteer

A volunteer is anyone, who without compensation, performs a task at the direction of and on behalf of CRPA and Cherokee County. A volunteer must be officially registered and/or enrolled prior to the performance of any task. Volunteers shall not be considered an employee of Cherokee County.

Why You Should Volunteer

Volunteering has multiple benefits from professional growth to personal growth. The following are only some of the highlights that you may experience along the way:

  • Acquire service hours for community service, school projects, etc.
  • Become affiliated with CRPA, its mission, staff, programs, and events
  • Earn recommendations for future employment
  • Experience a sense of achievement and personal fulfillment that volunteering can bring
  • Gain experience in a new area of interest
  • Have the chance to meet some outstanding people